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Yedid Community

"The" friend "works to support and empower vulnerable sectors of society and increasing social solidarity. Yedid" get every person who needs help without means testing or marital status and any economic. Organization provides counseling and free legal assistance to anyone in housing, employment, health , education, social security and legal representation in execution proceedings and in the courts. assistance is given to trees that the candidate is studying the basis of abilities to cope on its own with violations of his rights. assistance awarded by workers and volunteers, some are turning to the former and some professional volunteers in the fields of law, social work, accounting and more. centers of the association held community activities for all sectors of the population. between courses and activities operated by the "friend" can be found in studios adults speaking Russian, Amharic and deaf, courses, budget planning, programs to prevent school dropout immigrant children, developing local leadership and empowering women and more. "

28 Pierre Koenig Street
Phone: 02-6233304
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