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Sustainable Jerusalem Teva
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Sustainable Living
Culture & Society
Amphibian Habitat
Water Feature
Special Tree
Special Garden
Spring Blossoms
Insect Watching Site
Public Forest / Natural Area
Natural Corridor
Park/ Recreation Area
Bird & Wildlife Watching
Open Space
Scenic Vista
Dog Run
Community Garden
Compost Site
Public Transportation
Organic/ Local Food
Scientific Research Site
Bicycle Shop
Reuse Shop/Market
Healthy Dining
Eco Products
Cultural Site
Community Center
Eco Information
Eco Organization
Significant Organization
Green School
Online Resource
Public Library
Social Service
Historical Feature
Image In Stone

The Icons

Green Map® Icons are at the heart of the Green Map movement.

Used by the entire Green Map network, this globally designed universal set of symbols:

  • makes each Green Map easy to explore, regardless of the language and cultural orientation of the user.
  • identifies, promotes and links a diverse array of sustainability sites along with special places that highlight cultural character.
  • makes patterns of green development and resource inequalities between different areas easier to recognize.
  • helps successful initiatives spread to new communities.
  • helps bring urgent global environmental problems down to the local level, where they can be more easily grasped and changed.

Lending dynamism to every Green Map, the award-winning icons are also powerful tools for assessing the resources that are currently available, and to help plan for healthier communities.


The Green Map iconography is among its most distinctive and vital resources. It's one of the world’s first universal iconographies for maps..

The Icons were updated through an inclusive collaborative process that culminated in 2008 (from

The Jerusalem Green Map features 42 icons.

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