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About | Jerusalem Bioregion Center




Founded in collaboration with the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI), the Ministry of Environment and local authorities in the Jerusalem region, the JBC evolved following the implementation of the ICLEI/LAB (Local Action for Biodiversity) Program , a global initiative for promoting sustainable development at the local level. Participation in the program enabled the City of Jerusalem to play a lead role in the development of frameworks for integrating biodiversity protection in the local planning system.


Who are we? 


The JBC proposes a breakthrough concept in ecosystem management, shifting from a local to a regional approach, in line with international principles such as URBIS (the Urban Biosphere Initiative), which was adopted by the City of Jerusalem at a workshop hosted by Jerusalem LAB in 2012, in cooperation with ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainable Development), and IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature).


Establishment of the JBC captures the momentum of progress from local to regional ecosystem planning. It harnesses the dynamics that evolved in the LAB Stakeholder Forum to continue advancing collaborative efforts for effective biodiversity protection and policy making in the Jerusalem region. It affords an opportunity to address critical issues, such as:


  • Ecosystem services assessment
  •  Local agriculture and food security
  • Protection of mature and unique trees
  • Invasive as well as endangered species
  • Use of sustainable pesticides


Essentially, the JBC is saying - municipal borders are not relevant to ecosystem management as these go beyond city limits. Local governments in the bioregion must therefore collaborate to assess and manage the natural infrastructure in and around their areas of jurisdiction. The JBC seeks to address this issue by fostering cooperation in the region for sound ecosystem management, regardless of municipal and geopolitical boundaries. 












Organizational Structure:


The JBC is funded by a philanthropic grant administered by the Jerusalem Foundation through the Jerusalem Green Fund. The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel's Jerusalem branch is its strategic partner both at the managerial as well as executive level.


The JBC seeks to foster cooperative efforts locally and regionally for sustainable ecosystem management by promoting government/community, local/international, public/private and business initiatives.





Ms. Naomi Tsur – Founder and Chair

Ms. Helene Roumani – Executive Director

Dr. Yoel Siegel – Senior Consultant

Dr. Eran Brokovich – Ecologist

Ms. Timna Raz – Project Coordinator

Ms. Melanie Simon – Website Coordinator



Contact Info:


The Jerusalem Bioregion Center is located in the historic landmark JVP (Jerusalem Venture Partners) Media Center on Hebron Road in Downtown Jerusalem, near the newly restored “First Station” – a thriving cultural and entertainment complex in the heart of the city.


Address: 24 Hebron Road, Jerusalem

Tel: +972-54-6751341

Cell: +972-2-6252357




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