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Initiatives | Jerusalem Bioregion Center


Stakeholder Forum | Research and Policy Forum


Training Program | Urban Agriclture Forum


Green Map | Website | Ecosystems Evaluation



Stakeholder Forum


Meeting on a quarterly basis, the Stakeholder Forum convenes representatives from municipalities in the bioregion, government officials, as well as professionals in field. It is a task force for identifying urgent issues and exploring joint initiatives.


Summaries of past meetings (in Hebrew) can be found here.



Research and Policy Forum


Chaired by the Center’s ecologist, the Research and Policy Forum is in contact with leading academics in the field in an effort to tap existing research and initiate new projects around the study of regional ecosystem services and their critical management issues.


A number of different types of threats to ecosystems in Jerusalem were raised in discussions at various JBC Stakeholder Forum meetings. The Steering Committee prepared a document summarizing the regional threats and offers possible ways to address them. The document (in Hebrew) is a working document, a document that is updated frequently providing the basis for joint programs and policy making in the surrounding areas.

Threats to Biodiversity and Ecosystems in Jerusalem and Surrounding Areas and Conservation Activities. Dr.  Eran Brockovich. Jerusalem Bioregion Center. Draft. July 2015.


Training Program


The JBC conducts outreach activities and training for local and regional stakeholders. Lectures, round-table discussions, workshops and seminars are held periodically to promote awareness, cooperation and joint initiatives among decision makers and professionals for effective ecosystem management. In 2014, three professional workshops were held:


9/3/2014 - "Workshop on Urban Nature in Jerusalem: From Policy to Practice"- Nearly 30 planners from the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Jerusalem Municipality were in attendance. The workshop, which was organized alongside the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, incorporated theory and practice through exercises from- "Guide to Integrating Urban Nature Guidelines in Planning in Jerusalem" prepared especially for the seminar. The guide is a summary of guidelines for conservation, cultivation and development of urban nature sites in Jerusalem that are presented in " Urban Nature in Jerusalem: City-wide Ecological Policy", published by the Society for the Protection of Nature and the City of Jerusalem. 


9/17/14 - Seminar "Conservation and Development of Natural Systems in Jerusalem and the Surrounding Areas"- for planners and professionals in the Jerusalem area. The seminar was held in the Jerusalem Bird Observatory with nearly 40 people in attendance.


6/17/14 - Workshop on the topic of "The Process of Decision-making and Integration of Biodiversity in Environmental and Urban Policy". The workshop was held in the Jerusalem Municipality and was lead by a researcher from the Central European University in Budapest, who was invited to speak by the Center to advance her research on the topic of cooperation between the figures involved in biodiversity management in the local setting. After the workshop the researcher, Jennifer Pierce presented a report on her research in Jerusalem called:


The Bioshed of Jerusalem: A Model for Urban Biodiversity Planning, Visioning and Communication


‏6‪/‬25‪/‬15‪ - The workshop on‪ "‬Implementing Urban Nature in Planning‪: From Policy to Practice" - was held at the Jerusalem Bird Observatory with approximately 25 District Planners and Managers from the local community centers in Jerusalem. The workshop which was organized alongside the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel included lectures and guided group exercises. ‬The workshop presented planners with practical tools to integrate nature and biodiversity considerations into the urban planning process‪,‬ and emphasized the importance of Urban Nature and its connection to nature outside of the city‪.‬

Click here for pictures from the workshop ‏



 ‏7/10/15 - Tour entitled ‪"‬ Touring and Preserving‪"‬ was held on July 10th as part of JBC‪'‬s series of seminars‪,‬ with the cooperation of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel‪.‬ The event was held in support of ‪"‬The Campaign to Save the Jerusalem Hills‪"‬ ‪.‬ More than 100 people joined the event‪,‬ receiving a guided‪,‬ detailed tour of Ein Kobi‪,‬ located in the heart of the threatened Jerusalem Hills‪.‬ The visitors learned about the history of the site as well the site‪'‬s animal and plant life‪.‬ For more information‪ on the campaign click here. To sign the petition to save the Jerusalem Hills click ‬here‪.


Click here for pictures from the tour‬




Urban Agriculture Forum


With continually-growing world populations, climate change and pressure on natural resources, urban food security is becoming a critical issue. Initiated by the Chair of the Center, Food for Jerusalem is studying the urban food cycle and seeking to develop urban and peri-urban agriculture in the region.


To read more background information on the forum click here

For a list of the forum's stakeholders click here


Green Map


Established by SPNI and the Ministry of Environment, the Jerusalem Green Map is an on-line interactive tool that charts the natural and cultural environment and highlights green living resources which usually do not appear on city maps. It is recognized as a useful platform for the community. Biodiversity data collected by the JBC will be posted on the map.





A designated biodiversity portal is being established on-line, integrated with the Jerusalem Green Map. It will contain bibliographic references of local and international research related to ecosystem services. The database will serve as a resource for professionals and administrators involved in ecosystem management.



Ecosystem Evaluation


Mainstreaming the integration of ecosystem services in city planning contributes to a sustainable future for urban residents. The process of ecosystem evaluation supports this goal by proving the importance of urban nature. The JBC is engaged in promoting ecosystem evaluation in the Jerusalem region.


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