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Our Team | Jerusalem Bioregion Center


Ms. Naomi Tsur

Founder and Chair



Founder and Chair of the Jerusalem Bioregion Center for Ecosystem Management, Naomi Tsur is a founding member of the World Network of Green Pilgrimage and President of “ Green Pilgrim Jerusalem” and Chair of the Jerusalem Green Fund. Until recently she served as the Deputy Mayor of the City of Jerusalem, holding the Planning and Environment portfolio. Previously, Naomi was Director of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Jerusalem and founder of the “ Sustainable Jerusalem Coalition”. 


Ms. Helene Roumani

Executive Director



Planning consultant for urban and regional development, Helene Roumani has worked on various development programs in Israel and abroad including Project Renewal, the Jerusalem Light Rail Project and the Beer Sheva Development Plan. In addition she taught Sociology at Ben Gurion University of the Negev. For the last five years, Helene coordinated the LAB Forum to promote biodiversity and urban nature conservation in Jerusalem, in cooperation with government agencies and local and international environmental organizations. Recently she was appointed director of the Jerusalem Bioregion Center for Ecosystem Management.  


Dr. Yoel Siegel

Senior Consultant



Has a Doctorate in Community Development from Sussex University in England. Dr. Siegel is an expert in promoting community programs linking social dynamics with urban and rural growth. He is the founder and co-executive director of Interlock Development that conducts projects throughout the country, Africa and southeastern Asia. In recent years his work has focused on sustainable development, local economic development and the social component in city planning. He is an executive board member of the Vertigo Dance Company and of MATI - the Jerusalem Small Business Development Center.


Dr. Eran Brokovich




Has a Masters in Zoology from Tel Aviv University and a Doctorate in Marine Biology from the Hebrew University. Eran is the Scientific Director for the Israel Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, ecologist and knowledge broker. In recent years he has been involved with projects that facilitate information accessibility, connecting science and policy-making processes and has acted as consultant for different government offices. He acts as a professional advisor to the Bioregion Center and directs the center’s Research and Policy Forum.


Ms. Timna Raz

Project Coordinator



Holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Geography from the Hebrew University, and graduate of the Arava Institute’s Environmental Studies Program. She established and coordinated the community garden on the Givat Ram campus for two years, while working as a social coordinator for Garin Dvash. Currently, she works for the Jerusalem Education Administration’s Environmental Education Unit as a tour coordinator and is also the coordinator of the “ Food for Jerusalem Forum” at the Jerusalem Bioregion Center.


Ms. Melanie Simon

Website Coordinator



Graduated from Yeshiva University Stern College for Women with a bachelor’s degree in Biology and a minor in Political Science. Melanie made aliyah to Israel in the summer of 2014. She currently is studying for a masters in Geography, Planning and Environment with a specialization in Urban Planning. In addition she works as a social advisor and counselor at Shaalvim for Women - a gap year program for girls from North America, England and Australia. At the Bioregion Center, Melanie is an administrative assistant as well as the website coordinator.


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