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News | Jerusalem Bioregion Center



The Covenant to Strengthen Jerusalem


As the Jerusalem Hills are in Danger yet again, the JBC has joined the campaign to preserve the city's unique, historical and natural landscape.

New from the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel!!!



The public was invited to ‪"‬ Touring and Preserving‪"‬ on July 10th as part of the JBC's series of seminars in cooperation with the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel‪.‬ The event was held in support of ‪"‬The Campaign to Save the Jerusalem Hills‪"‬ ‪.‬ More than 100 people joined the event‪,‬ receiving a guided‪,‬ detailed tour of Ein Kobi‪,‬ located in the heart of the threatened Jerusalem Hills‪.‬ The visitors learned about the history of the site as well the site‪'‬s animal and plant life‪.‬ To sign the petition to save the Jerusalem Hills click ‬here‪.    




For more pictures from the tour click here



To learn more about the campaign:


SPNI News: Jerusalem Hills in Danger (Again)


The Jerusalem Post: Green groups launch massive campaign against 8 building projects in Judean Hills


Haaretz: Planners eye Jerusalem Hills as site for new city of 100,000 


JBC Stakeholder Forum Meeting #7


The JBC Stakeholder Forum met on Sunday, June 28th. In accordance with a decision that was made at a previous Stakeholder Meeting to learn about and tour the unique open spaces of Jerusalem and the surrounding areas, the meeting was held in cooperation with the Association of Towns, hosted by the "Soreq" Environmental Planning Center. It included a discussion and site visit to enable participants to become familiar with the uniqueness of the bioregion with reference to the major ecological issues facing local and regional authorities today.


On the agenda:



  • Tzora Reservoirs Project


  • Discussion: the conflict between development and conservation- is it bridgeable?


To view pictures from the meeting click on the picture above. 



" Implementing Urban Nature in Planning: From Policy to Practice" - Workshop



 The workshop was held at the Jerusalem Bird Observatory with approximately 25 district Planners andManagers from the local community centers in Jerusalem. The workshop which was organized by the JBC alongside SPNI included lectures and guided group exercises. The workshop presented planners with practical tools to integrate nature and biodiversity considerations into the urban planning process, and emphasized the importance of urban nature and its connection to nature outside of the city.


To view pictures from the workshop click on the picture above. 





International Day for Biological Diversity




Muslala invited the public to the opening event of the Jerusalem Bee Keeping Center (in the Bio- Dynamic way). The event included lectures, a hands-on family workshop, a movie and the official opening ceremony for the center. The event took place on Wednesday May 20th on the roof of Binyan Klal. For more information visit their facebook page.  


Check out this incredible clip of Yossi Aud's work wtih the bees, featured on Israel's Channel 1:

"Who Keeps the Bees that are in Danger of Extinction?"



Bio-Dynamic Bee Keeping




The Food for Jerusalem forum met on 19.5.15 at the home of Yossi Aud in Kiryat Yearim for a fascinating lecture on the topic of Bio-Dynamic Bee Keeping. The participants enjoyed an exciting and surprising experience with the bees. For pictures click below.



Jerusalem Day Interview with JBC Chair Naomi Tsur




Naomi Tsur, Chair of the Jerusalem Bioregion Center in an interview with IBA English News explains Jerusalem's sustainable future, past successes, tourism and more. 


To watch the video click here...(Naomi's interview begins at 5:26)



A Swift Unite on Earthday



On Sunday, April 22nd, residents of Jerusalem welcomed the return of the Common Swift to their nesting sites in the Western Wall, at a ceremony organized by Friends of the Swifts Israel. The swifts are among the half billion migrating birds that fly over Jerusalem twice every year, on their way to finding their warm summer nesting places. Approximately 88 pairs of swifts have been nesting in cracks of the Western Wall for thousands of years . Founder and Chair of the Jeuraslem Bioregion Center, Naomi Tsur was present, along with the center's Executive Director, Helene Roumani. Representatives from the Ministry of Environment, Israel's Nature and Parks Authority, the Jewish National Fund and Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel were also in attendance.


Watch Swifts at the Western Wall







The Gazelle Valley Urban Wildlife Park




The inauguration of the Gazelle Valley Urban Wildlife Park in the city of Jerusalem, Israel's first urban nature park .


The Jerusalem Post: Thousands attend grand opening of nation’s first urban park in Jerusalem

Haaretz: 50 shades of graze: Gazelles get their own nature park in Jerusalem


The Nature of Cities: Biblical Gazelles Will Soon be Welcoming Visitors to Israel’s First Urban Nature Park


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