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Trees project

Forest Ordinance

"The Forest Ordinance" is a mandatory order that protects trees and forests, and is updated from time to time. According to the Forest Ordinance, most of the trees in Israel are protected from Felling, and a permit is required for their removal or relocation. Even if the tree is in the courtyard of a private house, a permit must be obtained. The permit may be obtained from the forest official or from a license business.

A number of forest officials operate in Israel: the JNF's chief forest officer, authorized by the JNF, spread throughout the country, three forest officials appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture in the large cities: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa, and the national forest official at the Ministry of Agriculture, Responsible for implementing regulation.

In addition, KKL-JNF operates a supervisory unit, which is responsible for implementing and enforcing the regulation.

In addition some of the landscaping trees, can become protected, and can not be cut or copied without a license.

It is important to know that sometimes due to pressures exerted on forest officials or their representatives, permission is granted for copying or even cutting the tree, although it is clear that this copying may endanger the tree, and even if it survives, it will often remain damaged and will never return to its original shape and landscape. If a request is known, it is advisable to ask the forest clerk to explain the permit, thereby creating counter-pressure. If a tree is known to be cut, ask the woodcutter to see the certificate. Cutting a tree without a permit is a criminal offense!


Forest clerk

The Forest Officer is appointed by the Minister of Agriculture to implement the objectives of the Forest Ordinance and the Protected Ilanot Trees Order, a state inspector for the management of forests carried out by the Jewish National Fund, approves and supervises the work plans in the forests, and guide The Ilanot trees protection in the forest and outside the forest of Israel.

The Forest and Ilanot Unit in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development serves as a backbone for the policy of afforestation and protection of trees in Israel and coordinates all the powers within the relevant laws, with a different reference to forest reserves and the protection of trees located outside the forest.


Trees contribution to the environment

The tree serves as a "natural area" for those living in the city. He connects us to the seasons of the year, reminding us of the blossoming, the bloom and the casting.

1. Energetic environmental impact - temperature moderation, radiation and heat stress, micro-climate creation, wind effects recession.

2. Health effects - absorption of carbon dioxide and oxygen emissions, absorption of suspended pollutants, noise moderation, improvement of biodiversity, community improvement, free food, reduction of skin cancer, seasonal performances, aesthetics.

3. Real estate impact - raising the value of properties, preserving and improving land, reducing water runoff and soil erosion, improving the infiltration of rainwater into the groundwater. 

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