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Jerusalem Park - Emek Motzeh

Government of Israel, the Jerusalem Municipality and the Jerusalem Development Authority joined together with the Fund and Parks to promote the establishment and development of the Park example. Park example is natural expanse of open spaces surrounding Jerusalem and delivering "green fingers" to the tissue urban. Those domains, which are proximity to residential areas, designed and developed to protect environment and to create leisure and recreational areas for the enjoyment residents of Jerusalem, the metropolis and its critics. bike path length of 42 km ring designed around Jerusalem. than 25 km trail are designed for riding in the park and families but can also find parts for benefactor riding. The path will be adjusted in part to people with disabilities. Find Valley Park covers an area of ​​about 5000 acres, between neighborhoods Maoz Zion (Castel) and finds Elite north, Mountain View East, Ein Kerem South - East West Mount engraver. The maximum area is within the jurisdiction of Mate Yehuda Regional Council. North Park outlet connects with the Cedar Valley Park and south of the Park Emek Refaim and thus connects the series of open spaces in West Jerusalem into a green ring that surrounds the city. Route Nahal Sorek winding between the various landscapes and varied located in the valley - Springs, Ancient agricultural terraces, orchards, rugged, natural woodlands and planted forests. Center of the park there is a reservoir at Olive, which in winter is filled with runoff. Mosaic's unique landscapes and diverse dramatic valley is also an arena to the presence of animals as different as deer, coyotes, hyenas, porcupines and a special bird, and a growing complex Mediterranean woods with many more species. trip to various parts of the park provides a glimpse into the natural system, diverse and fascinating, and provides a learning experience, an activity sports and recreation, and especially the sequence experiential recreation in the countryside. along the whistler will be sanctioned continuation of the central park bike path length of about 4.5 km. The development will include introductions to the park, parking and observation allow rest and observation points for travelers.
Har Nof, Ein Kerem
Between neighborhoods Maoz Zion (Castel) and finds Elite north, Mountain View East, Ein Kerem South - East West Mount engraver.
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