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Jerusalem Park - Emek Rephaim

Government of Israel, the Jerusalem Municipality and the Jerusalem Development Authority joined together with the Fund and Parks to promote the establishment and development of the Park example. Park example is natural expanse of open spaces surrounding Jerusalem and delivering "green fingers" to the tissue urban. Those domains, which are proximity to residential areas, designed and developed to protect environment and to create leisure and recreational areas for the enjoyment residents of Jerusalem, the metropolis and its critics. bike path length of 42 km ring designed around Jerusalem. than 25 km trail are designed for riding in the park and families but can also find parts for benefactor riding. The path will be adjusted in part to people with disabilities. Ghost Valley Park covers an area of ​​about 5000 acres, from Malha train station, along the Ghost River between the Malha neighborhood, beacon hill, city parks, Kiryat Menahem and seats Ora Aminadav north and south slopes revealed. Emek Refaim abundant springs, including eye white springs Walaja and eye to - Parking. Other points of interest in the park, which entrance fee, are Biblical Zoo and active Ein Yael Museum. Nahal Refaim, one of the main tributaries of Nahal Soreq, begins its flow station near Harcbthisna Baka neighborhood, the national watershed and desert frontier . the upper part of the river, being developed as a park tracks, passing in the train route from the German Colony neighborhood committee Pat and opened widest fan in Teddy Stadium - MalhaMall. views The terraces, orchards and a series of sites springs characterize the western part of the park, expressed as a whole the story of the cultural heritage of agricultural and settlement in Israel. part of the development park restored creek ghost, developed promenade, bike paths, trails pedestrians and focal leisure and recreation. Additionally are in the planning stages focus of extreme sports and Lobby First park. Additionally rehabilitated springs, agricultural terraces and native vegetation.
Malha, Ir Ganim
From Malha train station, along the Ghost River between Malha neighborhood, beacon hill, city parks, Kiryat Menahem and seats Ora Aminadav north and south slopes revealed.
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