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Mamilla Pool and Independence Park

Mamilla Pool and Independence Park -  Cultivated natural ensemble includesancient reservoir which dates back to the SecondTempleperiod, a Mamluk cemetery and a large public garden. The reservoir fills with rain water annually, creating one of Jerusalem’s most popular winter ponds. The site features avariety of natural habitats and plant species, some unique, with remnants of an old oak forest, cultivated cliff vegetation, aquatic plants as well as autumnal and springgeophytes. An important habitat for amphibians. The green toad breeds in the pool, completing its development cycle there, from egg to tadpole to frog. In recent years, a new Israeli frog species was detected in the pool. In addition, the pool is an important source of drinking water for migrating birds, and it caters to a population of stable as well as wintering birds and small mammals. Pedestrian, car, public transportation and wheelchair access, parking facilities available.
Urban Nature Survey Site No. 46

City Center
Near Agron Street.
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