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Hill Fourth and Mar Elias

Hill rising edge of town. Rich and varied surface species due to its location east of the watershed. Hill surrounded by ancient olive grove of the most beautiful and agriculture Jerusalem Ave. Jordanian outpost on the hill with an abandoned trenches and bunkers abandoned. Hill very rich desert vegetation and a unique habitat of rare plants along with the population of animals. The dome above the Mar Elias monastery is the only place in every single surviving example of beautiful Kati encode discourse. A typical animal-desert area includes a mix of representatives from the environment Sea - Eastern desert to the west and east. Deer were seen on Israeli, Fox, Mole, Durban. Illegal immigration, the site serves as insect spring. Walls Kestrel nest monastery and OWL. Accessible site public transport, pedestrians and ride - there is parking.


South East Jerusalem, Hebron Road near the meeting and Shmuel Meir Blvd.
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